17 June 2011


My Long Hairs - Only Remembrance

When I grew my hairs too long,
I thought I should write a song.
Some made me 2 min.maggi,
Some said that u looks like shaggy.

Interestingly, my father made me Sonu Nigam,
A  boy used to say ‘OYE!!! MALINGA’
My friends used to say ‘WAH TAJ’
And my one of the friend used to say DRY DUNG

My sister Nisha, used to tie my hairs with lots of rubber bands,
She used to hold my hairs very tightly,
Then I too hold her hairs then we started to fight
I thought how about making rock band with my long hairs,
but I dropped my idea as no one was suitable except me
I also clicked many photographs to be kept as remembrance,
I used to get excited hearing about my hairs,
My long hairs made me famous,
And believe me, they  was very  gorgeous.

But after some days my dad told me to cut my hairs,
I thought I like my hairs but with a labored ease of loss
I got my hairs trimmed.

When I reach my house all were looking at my hairs,
We laughed a lot.i told my dad I got my hair cut
He become very happy.

Really I miss my hairs very much.
Sometimes when I remember my hairs,
It looks like hairs have gone too far from me,
And also that pleasure will not come again and again….

 But I wish I got  that pleasure again……

P.S.: Its a poem about my hairs... Please send me your feedback by comment here.
I would like to hear from you...


  1. bhai yaar teri ye dukh bhari dastan sunke mujhe bhi rona aa gya mere ghar vaalo ne mere bhi hair cut kra diye the mei tere liye pray karunga ki jaldi se tere hai bade ho jaye or tu fir se khush ho jaye

  2. nice poem with those quirky elements u added...